Friday, March 24, 2006


perfect drops of cloud, of heaven,
dancing on my forehead
running down my arms and
off my finger tips in a joyous stream
water is a fresh embrace to remind me I' m not alone
I remember that day with you, on the field,
and the water running on our skin
droplets warm on my face like your love
tasting sweet
my heart raises at the smell of rain
the smell of soft dirt under summer showers
smoky storms of Monsoon
refreshing downpours to clear the air of spring
my upturned face like an open lotus
ready for the day
(c)2006 Nileenam, All rights reserved


poet said...

brings back joys
inspires new joys

raju said...

rain is a wonderful experience

Anonymous said...

its a very good narration with full of emotions. You can very well achieve more heights by sticking on this. I am delighted by your sweeeeet poem

Anonymous said...

u incited me with ur poetry;ok keep it up;i wnnt to hear more from u

Nileenam said...

Hapy to hear that all of you enjoyed my poem. Thanx to all