Thursday, March 30, 2006


Sunset spread a red tinge all over the sky. A single star glittered, borrowing energy from millions of fellow stars. Being tired from a day of work, I wanted to rest in this small nest. Somebody murmured outside.

“Who is it?” I looked up to the sky.

Nobody was there except that star on the eastern horizon. I looked down through the little gaps between the strands of my nest. People were moving fast in a rush. How could a man be able to talk in such a low voice? Impossible. Keeping my mind steady, I tried to listen.

I was surprised to hear the murmuring of leaves (dalamarmarangal). They were talking with the embracing breeze. I couldn’t resist curiosity; I tried to recognize the words. They were talking about me! The inner most feelings (nileenam) of mine. My dreams, hopes, thoughts and ideas. Let me share these dalamarmarangal on this page of nileenam.
© 2006 Sindhu Bhaskar. All rights reserved


Anonymous said...

its fantastic piece of work done by our beloved writer. I feel very nmostalgic after reading this .i use this opportunity to congratulate you, miss Sindhu

Anonymous said...

good work chechi.

harry said...

nice work

Nileenam said...

Dear friends,
be with me all the time
Thank you

raju said...

waiting for more