Sunday, April 16, 2006

A cyndrella story

He never happened to see her, but he loved her a lot.
She happened to see his photograph, she loved him more than any.
They talked for long time...
He proposed, she rejected.
She was a cyndrella.
Now, she is not there in his memories.
But she waits for the day to meet him.


Anonymous said...

eniyelum ee chatti pottiya kadhakalude ezhuthu nirthuuuuuu....

hehe... chumma paranjathatoo... good presentaion .... well done... write more and more.. good wishes..

Nileenam said...

eda Gopu!!!
OOttyyakum vare ingane pottedai

A said...

I am a Socialist. I love every girl in the world.
But all girls are Capitalist.
Nobody loves me