Friday, April 07, 2006

Am I obstinate?

Everybody have their own opinions and views. Whether others accept it or not, they will stick to their opinions. Is it fare to interpret it as obstinacy, arrogance or defiance? I was always that kind of person having my own idea, views and decisions.

I must have been four or even less than that. We were staying in rented house near Kodungallore. My sister had a busy schedule with her studies of third standard. My little brother had learned to cry and laugh showing his toothless gum.

That was an early evening of a sunny Saturday. Pappa was away from home as he usually do. Mama was busy in feeding her baby. Usha chechy ( my sister) went out to her friend’s house. Lalitha Appachi got engaged in making snacks for that evening. I was the only one left out with no work.

“Ahoy, bring me a cup of rice water”

Papa came back home. He used to spell these words before entering to our house. He never called my mother by name. He used only “ahoy” a simple laconic. He liked rice water than any, especially when he comes from sun.

“Ahoy, bring me a cup of rice water” He spelled it again washing his feet with water which was already kept on parapet of verandah in a vessel called Kinti. He was wearing a dhothi on that day.

Sitting on his favorite chair he asked some thing to me. I couldn’t give any attention or I was not listened to his arrival as I usually do. I was in an agitating mood searching a missing spoon of my new kitchen set. I needed that to prepare dinner for that night.

I found my little spoon lying helplessly under his chair. I rushed to it and made an attempt to pick it up. My little hands were not long enough to reach it. I sat down on the floor and stretched my hands towards the spoon.

”what are the bushes coming across my eyes?” I examined those bushes carefully.
I was shocked. It was the thick hairs on my father’s calf muscle. It looked ugly and dirty. I felt so sorry and thought of the best and easy way to make my father as handsome as Biju chettan. (Biju chettan was in sixth standard. His legs were clean and pretty. He even used to wear short trousers).

It took only two minutes for me to take a decision. I pulled out those thick hairs with all my efforts.
“Aa…h” A long monosyllable in a painful voice came out from my father. It followed a “tup tup” voice on my butt. Mama and Lalitha appachi came out enquiring what was happening there in verandah. As to papa’s reply they smiled at me and turned back to their own work.
I could not understand what the hell was going around. I could not understand what prompted my papa to beat me for no reason? With watering eyes I went out to play ground.
Am I obstinate? you decide after reading my next blog.


N.V.Dev said...

Not really. That's what happens when somebody is preoccupied. This is normal.

Nileenam said...

Hey dev,
it is in the view of a 4 yr old girl.Thank U for your comment.

Anonymous said...

hehehe pande puthi ellarunnu alle.. mongunnathinu mumbu swatham kalele oru romam koodi valichu nokkan melarunnoo..hehehee...athinu kalel pooda undayittu vende lee..hehehe
anyway good writing ..keep it up

guess me?

Nileenam said...

Podi anonimous maramaakriii

neermathalam said...

excellent narrative...
nalu vayassukariyde...achane..sundarakkanulla..chikitsa kollam...